I think Andrew Ede may be underestimating the potential of Chinese tourism. As I've spent 20 of my 40 short years in Japan and China I was flabbergasted when the lonely minibus carrying the Vice President of China and his companions stopped right in front of me in a deserted cathedral car park in Palma. No cheering crowds or flag wavers to be seen. It was then it struck me how vast the lack of awareness regarding China might really be in Spain. Although the image of China in Majorca is of “buffet libres” and plastic flowers, we should also know that the wealthy 2 percent of 1.2 billion people are among the largest consumers of luxury goods in the world. Since about 4 years ago the average citizen can even get a credit card that can be used overseas and are issued tourist visas much easier than in the past. This is changing the landscape of tourism worldwide. In Tokyo the largest and most expensive stores have even begun to teach their staff basic Chinese phrases as they are always after a Rolex or two if its tax free. And that's as revolutionary as it would be if France began teaching their staff English to cater for British customers! If Majorca aims to capture even 5 percent of those 83 million tourists mentioned , I believe it could do so! Historic remains, Classical Music, Seafood, tax free Luxury brands, Soccer tourism, Casinos (don't forget the Casinos!) and even young ones love to holiday on Cruise ships. We have it all here and waiting!

Sincerely, Gerard Laracy Central Palma


I think the idea of a private jet service from the UK to the Balearics is a welcome prospect. There are many types of tourism to these lovely islands, and many are quite happy to put up with the hassle of low cost carriers and we have had no option but to comply as there is no alternative (apart from BA from London City which is not convenient for us). Of course this is not possible for everyone due to obvious financial constraints but given the high cost of flying schedules carriers via Madrid the difference is not much. We have also learned that these jets will possibly carry pets (with restrictions of course) so this is a great option for homeowners who want to bring their pets to the islands for the season without having to put the animals in the cargo hold or take a very long drive and ferry crossing.

I applaud this idea and sincerely hopes it works, it might also prompt Willie Walsh CEO of BA to rethink their airline schedules.

Frances , Puerto Andratx


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