Dear Sir,

As a taxpayer in Spain, I sympathise with Jo Mowbray (Your views November 22) and others who have complained about not being able to vote in the recent general election.

I recall from my school history lessons, the slogan of the residents of our American colonies in the years leading up to the American Declaration of Independence, ‘No taxation without representation.' However, I don't think we should blame the Spanish authorities for this. If my Spanish wife and I had been resident in Britain at the time of the British general election, she would not have been able to vote either. This is a matter that is decided in Brussels, not in Madrid or London.

Yours faithfully,

George Tunnell

Dear Sir,

“No taxation without representation” In support of Jo Mowbray, the only answers so far forthcoming from your correspondents, have suggested that if you want to vote in the national elections you should change your nationality.

Under the free movement of labour within the EU, is it right, or reasonable to expect individuals to give change their nationality every time they move to another country in the EU? We are allowed to vote in the municipality, where we pay our taxes, and for our representative in the EU Parliament to which we also contribute, but not in the National Elections, where is the logic in that? All EU citizens should have the right to vote in national elections somewhere, preferable the country where they pay their taxes. This anomaly should be removed.

In these difficult times the country needs our support.
It is good to hear that common sense has prevailed and we may soon get our residencia cards back again.

Robin Musters


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