A small number of British expatriates have told me over recent weeks of their concern over the escalation in the spat between Britain and Spain over Gibraltar. They are worried that if the dispute continues to intensify they could find themselves in the middle of the “war of words.”  To be  perfectly honest this state of affairs had never really crossed my mind and I will continue to denounce Spanish “bully  boy”tactics over Gibraltar in this space. While it does appear that Britain and Spain are at loggerheads at the moment and Prime Minister David Cameron blasted Spain in parliament yesterday over the diplomatic bag incident, Ido believe that Spain and Britain are best of friends. Both Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Cameron have said that the relationship between the two countries is bigger than Gibraltar.  And lets us not forget that the dispute over Gibraltar has been going on for as long as Ican remember. Economically speaking it is vital that Britain and Spain maintain excellent relations. British tourists are a major source of revenue for  the Spanish economy and Spanish firms have invested heavily in Britain and they now own Heathrow airport, Scottish Power and the Santander Group, is Britain´s fifth biggest bank. Also, Spain is home for an estimated 250,000 British citizens and a growing number of Spaniards now live and work in Britain. So, there is no need for concern Britain´s relationship with Spain  is rock solid!


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