by Jason Moore,

PLANS to link Majorca with a number of British airports through a private jet service have taken the island by storm and clearly underlines the fact that this island has a relatively large number of people who are willing to pay, in some cases heavily, to get to and from Majorca. The private jet initiative means that you can fly to a British airport in a private jet for almost the same price as a business class ticket with one of the major airlines. The lack of flights to Majorca at the moment is so severe that even middle-income families could consider the private jet option. It is an amazing state of affairs when you think that Majorca was one of the pioneers of cheap air travel but now holiday home owners or wealthy tourists have to consider taking a private jet to Majorca because there is no other means of transport. You would have thought that Majorca was a small island in the Maldives not an international holiday destination with one of the busiest airports in Europe (in the summer ofcourse!). Full marks to the pioneers of the private jet initiative it proves two things; that the entrepreneurial spirit is still very much alive in Britain and that Majorca should be thankful that someone is trying to do something about the serious lack of transport.


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