By Jason Moore
TWENTY five percent of people in Majorca are opposed to tourism and almost 50 percent believe that tourism is eroding Majorca's heritage.
This is a rather alarming state of affairs but rather underlines the fact how the island has changed over recent years. Sixty percent did say that tourism was good for the island but I am sure than ten years ago the figure would have been far higher. Now, while I can see why some people are opposed to tourism I just don't understand how this island can survive without the annual “invasion” from Northern Europe? Tourism is the motor of the local economy and if the engine stops then so does our prosperity. For four decades Majorcans have been sharing their island with British and German tourists. This “share” has proved most beneficial with the standard of living here up there with some of the most affluent places in the country. I have said in this space for many years that the local government should do more to diversify the local economy so that it is not so reliant on Northern European tourists. But let's face facts; the island's agricultural industry is little more than a big market garden, nothing is produced here on the electrical and industry front (as we discovered during the recent transport strike) and the push to attract the companies has been most unsuccessful. While it is difficult to admit for some, the best fact is that this island can not live without tourists. Even a small drop is noticed. While I don't want to be defeatist, the bottom-line is that the wealth of these islands has come from tourists and we should be very grateful. Unfortunately, there is no other alternative.


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