FURTHER to The article by Jason Moore regarding the total lack of any direct flights to Majorca from Scotland may I draw your readers attention to the alleged fact that various Tourist Destinations (eg Turkey) are offering greatly reduced Landing Charges at their popular Airports to the “No frills Airlines” and the cheaper Charter Flights over the Winter period. Palma Airport would not reduce its charges hence the Airlines perceived “snub” of Palma over the winter.

To exacerbate the problem it is virtually impossible to obtain connecting flights with out the added expense of an overnight stay at an English Airport which does fly to Palma, surely the Airlines could arrange for their flights to Palma to leave a little later in the day to allow those wishing to fly from a Scottish or North of England Airport to connect with them.

Conversely if flights from Palma to England could leave a little earlier in the day a connecting flight to Scotland would be possible, the present timetables require overnight stops in both directions.

Alicia Somerville


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