Dear Sir,
I would be most grateful if you would pass these ponderings on to whichever ear might listen and do something about it.
I am about to be 90. I was severely wounded in the lungs nigh unto death fighting for my Country in 1944 and I still suffer.
I have a 90% disability pension and constant attendance allowance. A bit of a wreck!
Recently things have got worse and I now have a lung condition which is incurable and what I need most is warmth.
Looking out of the window I see snow on the hills not far away and more is forecast. Winter has only just started.
Were I an immigrant, money would be showered upon me but as one who has fought and bled for my King and Country I am denied the little help I need for keeping alive in the winter.
Some reward from an ungrateful government which reflects badly on the minister concerned whom I used to admire.
Sorry to have gone on a bit but it is the unfairness which strikes me so deeply.
Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Nick Carter


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