By Humphrey Carter

WHERE is Spain's new Prime Minister? Mariano Rajoy stormed to victory a week ago today, but he has yet to address the Spanish public, the majority of which voted for him in the hope that he would steer Spain away from a recession and possible bail out.

Rumours have emerged from within the Partido Popular about looking to international aid but no one in the PP has confirmed any of the reports which have been leaked to pro-centre right newspapers. How far overseas can he look, apart from the IMF or the European Financial Stability Facility, his options are limited.

Even China, which purchased a substantial amount of Spain's toxic debt earlier this year, is now facing its own financial crisis and the main European leaders have made it blatantly clear how they feel about any more bail outs for their European neighbours.

The country thought they were voting in a political A Team but Rajoy is showing no signs of having a Hannibal-style plan that is going to lovingly come together.


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