By Jason Moore
THE other day I was out shopping for an electric fire in one of the big retail stores. I saw one I liked and enquired the price, 90 euros I was told, by the shop assistant. However, he explained that I would have to wait because they didn´t have any in stock. What a shame, I thought. However, this same store has another branch outside Palma so on the off chance I headed there just to see whether or not the same electric fire was on offer. To my amazement I found that this other branch did have the same electric fire and it was on offer, priced at 60 euros, (30 euros difference on exactly the same product). So, in the end I had my treasured electric fire for a bargain price. But how can there be 30 euros difference, a third of the total cost, between one store and another of the same company. I know people living in Palma have a reputation of having more money but surely this can´t be the case! The moral of the story; shop around you can always find a bargain! But also it does show that prices can vary between branches of the big stores. As the festive season approaches I can see this difference in price occuring more often. Be on your guard and if you have any complaint don´t hesitate to contact the consumer complaints department of the local government.


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