By Jason Moore

THE debate over the lack of flights this winter to Majorca continues to rage but the answer to this problem is relatively simple. The airlines say that they can´t afford to fly empty aircraft to Majorca because during the winter months there is little happening on the island and the resorts are closed. Meanwhile, the tourist industry says that there is little point organising any events because there are no flights! Chicken and egg syndrome. Unfortunately, that is the answer in a nutshell. But imagine if shops, restaurants, museums and tourist attractions opened on a Sunday. Imagine that there were free concerts and other events. Imagine if tourists were given 50 euros in vouchers to spend in local shops. If you imagine all this then you don´t need much imagination to realise that the airlines would start flying to the island at the weekends. Majorca would become a getaway holiday destination in the winter, centring on good shopping, good food and plenty to do. But unfortunately, these days there isn´t much imagination about any longer and for this reason it is not too difficult to imagine why Majorca is in the mess it is with 90'000 unemployed. But imagine if things were different, but don´t imagine for too long because you are just dreaming.


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