I don´t think anyone was surprised to read that Spain has slumped 10 places to a rank of 40 in a global index of perceived official corruption. But what are the Spanish authorities doing to clean-up the country´s image? You would have thought that the poll would have got the alarm bells ringing in Spain, but no. The official government view appears to be that there were a few rotten apples which are now facing the judiciary. And this is correct but Isuspect that the Spanish public would like to see a major anti-corruption Task Force launched to weed out any more rotten apples.  At the moment the judiciary in Spain is dealing with hundreds of cases of alleged political corruption. Obviously, these are lengthy investigations but the public needs to see that justice is being done and people are actually going to prison. Spain should have its very own Elliot Ness and the government should give all these cases priority. I also think that Spanish politicians should resign if they are accused of wrong-doing. If their name is cleared then they can re-enter politics at once but having politicians facing allegations of improper conduct is not good for Spain or democracy.  Basically Spain needs to clean up its act. Foreign investors will always be wary of a country which has a reputation of corruption. It needs to be stamped out and fast.  The Spanish government and the opposition need to work together and ensure that this state of affairs never happens again.


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