By Jason Moore

HOW long is Balearic President Francesc Antich going to wait until he calls an election? Two of his government ministers are being investigated by the police, including tourism minister Miguel Nadal, and his coalition government is being dogged by corruption allegations.

Antich has two options; he either ejects the Majorcan Unionist Party who are at the centre of the corruption allegations and forms a minority government which would rely on pacts with other opposition parties to get legislation through or he calls an early election. Politics in the Balearics is being discredited by the wave of corruption allegations involving the Partido Popular and the Majorcan Unionists. The one thing that the Balearics needs at the moment is firm government and this is highly unlikely in the present political atmosphere. Let the public decide and call early elections in the New Year is my advice. The turnout would be low but at least Antich would have done the right thing. With more corruption allegations being revealed by the day the time has come for politicians to be seen to be doing the right thing. Calling an early poll would be a sad state of affairs but at least voters would see that decisive action is being taken to try and overcome a nightmare state of affairs.


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