By Jason Moore

JEREMY Clarkson, the controversial and exceptionally entertaining presenter of Top Gear, is back in the headlines again for the wrong reasons. Clarkson said that strikers should be taken out and executed infront of their families. Anyone who watches Top Gear will know that it was a Clarkson joke. Nothing more, nothing less. But even the Prime Minister David Cameron has been questioned over Clarkson´s comments and 5'000 complaints have been made to the BBC. Now, it was a rather silly thing to say but Clarkson is rather like Marmite, you either love him or hate him.

Clarkson has apologised but really his comments are being taken rather literally and out of context. The public sector strikes in Britain are not too popular because all those working in the private sector are facing a major pension and income shortfall but at the same time their taxes go to pay the pensions of civil servants. Also, I believe that with the exceptionally fragile state of the British economy now is not the time for strike action.

As I have said these are hard times and really everyone should be rowing in the same direction. Unfortunately, the strike action in Britain on Wednesday will now be remembered in Britain not for the chaos that it caused but for the comments made by Jeremy Clarkson! One thing which is sadly missing in Britain at the moment is decent comedy. Thankfully, there is Jeremy Clarkson, he may offend the minority but he is liked by the majority.


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