Dear Editor
IT is incredulous that your columnist, Mr Ray Fleming, has in the past few weeks gone out of his way to defend and excuse the performance of Gordon Brown. Is he totally taken in by the spin, or just being perverse?

To blame the present shambles in the Labour Party on Tony Blair's term of office is a nonsense. Was Brown not in office at that time?
Who, as Chancellor, during that period, was responsible for plundering the funds of every UK citizen with a private pension?
Who created 1 million extra bureaucrats to run, amongst other hair brained schemes, the misguided, and wasteful tax credit system?
Who sold off the UK's gold reserves for short-term gain, when they would have been worth three times more today?
Who said he was going to cut the size of the civil service, but has done nothing?
Who has, year by year, introduced no end of stealth taxes to fund, amongst other disastrous left-wing ideological schemes, the “black hole” which is called the NHS?

At the expense of every tax payer in the country, who bailed out Northern Rock in order to maintain the political allegiance of that bank's 6'500 employees and thousands of customers in the heartland of Labour supporters in the constituencies of North East England?

The list is endless.
The man is now a busted flush, and not competent to be Prime Minister, as each daily revelation proves. It is sad that Mr Fleming should try to defend the indefensible. And to think, he once did the same with Blair. Yours faithfully, Andrew Ferguson


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