Dear Sir,

YET again it seems local politicians are treating the electorate like idiots! Balearic politics have become the laughing stock of Spain and the rest of Europe, however, some good has come out of this latest fiasco i.e. if nothing else, it proves that proportional representation and resulting horse trading (pacting) doesn't work, and the sooner a first past the post/one with most votes - wins and governs, the better and fairer it will be.

Of course those in power at the present time, want to and will do, anything to keep their posts, for their own selfish needs i.e. Money (the same thing that is at the root of the present situation). If they're not in “power” they take a drop in salary.

If there is a genuine desire to “clean up” local politics old “archivo” cases should be re-opened/investigated and along with present cases, guilty/not guilty verdicts delivered, with those found guilty given (appropriate prison sentences and barred from future public office).

The present “archivo” verdict means politicians are more susceptible to corrupt dealings, knowing that they will more than likely escape punishment. Even an idiot can see there is something fundamentally wrong with a voting system, when those with the least votes hold most power.

Yours sincerely, M. Irving


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