By Jason Moore

THE Royal Navy has just spent billions of pounds on six new warships. They are modern, state of the art but unfortunately their main weapons system doesn´t work. So they are useless. The Daring class of destroyers have arrived two years later and it could be another three years before they are fully operational. At the moment, because of problems with their main missile defence system, their only armament is a single gun and a few machine guns. Not even enough to scare away pirates let alone a modern navy.

But the Royal Navy says that the problems will soon be ironed-out although it had been rumoured that one of the vessels would defend London from air attack during the Olympics. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the missile system will be working. While under-equipped British soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan the Royal Navy has secured funding for two giant aircraft carriers. 60'000 tonnes floating giants are not exactly the best weapon systems to track down terrorists! The Royal Navy has a long and illustrious history but at the moment it really does need a reality check. Destroyers that don´t work and aircraft carriers which will be outdated as soon as they enter service is not the best way forward when money is tight and defence savings have to be made.


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