I must admit I'm getting sick of the sight of David Beckham in Spain. The Spanish magazines and newspapers just can't get enough of him. This week Spain's “tabloid” magazines dedicated pages and pages to the Real Madrid midfielder basically recounting his life again because he has recently done a new round of interviews. Now, I admire Beckham; he is a great player and a great role model but it is getting to a point of over-kill. It's not as if the magazines haven't got anything to write about. They've got the small matter of a royal wedding on the horizon involving their heir to the throne. But Becks still gets much of the attention. I thought that once he had settled down in Spain that would be it. But no. In fact he gets more publicity now than he did before. I admit, he has done a great job. He has won over even the more sceptical Real Madrid fans and shown that he is one of the best footballers in the world. But for his sake and to a lesser extent my sake, just lay off him. I think you can safely say that Becks is Britain's greatest export to Spain. We all know what his favourite colour is, how he met his wife, what his favourite food is, and every other detail about the player. Now I know why some people were glad that he joined Real Madrid because they suspected that they would no longer have the pleasure of reading pages and pages about him. I completely sympathise with them.


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