Dear Sir,
l RAY Fleming, in his introduction to the new leader of the Conservatives, David Cameron in the Bulletin on December 6, mentioned that he declared that he would not be engaging in “Punch and Judy” politics and would not oppose for the sake of being in Opposition. While Mr. Fleming thinks that it “is the duty” of the Opposition to oppose, surely there are many occasions when that dictum does not apply. The Iraq war, is, I agree difficult to assess, and the jury is still out on that affair. However, at the beginning of the Second World War it seemed that the Labour Opposition might prevaricate in the face of a temporising statement by Neville Chamberlain as Hitler invaded Poland on September 1st, 1939. As Arthur Greenwood rose in The House of Commons to speak for Labour, Leo Amery from the Conservative benches cried out to him: “Speak for England, Arthur” which was received with loud cheers as it was obvious that the temper of the House was ready for this just War. And there are plenty of occasions when this might be true-even in these antagonistic times! Phil Green, Son Ferrer
Dear Editor,
l I HAVE to correct your report in Tuesday's Bulletin (Dec 6th): “British Buyers Go East” and the statement related to British buyers having around 300.000 euros to spend as against the Germans 1.5m to 2m Euros. These statements are totally incorrect. The number of British buyers purchasing property in the South West of Majorca is substantially greater than the south east. Of twenty British buyers to Majorca, less than one will purchase in the east of Majorca. With regard to the average spending, the British buyer has of late been the largest investor in Majorca. Although Germans are buying properties up to and above 3m euros, the British still remain the overall big spender in terms of volume and average price.
Robert Maunder, Estate Agent, Costa D'en Blanes


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