Dear Sir,

I was shocked to hear of a crusade to stop short term holiday lettings by the hotel dominated Tourist Ministry. Once again they think what is good for the hotel industry is good for our beautiful island. They are clue less. I have looked into the scale of this tourist sector and believe at least 1 Million tourists rent short term holiday accommodation every year between June and September. This sector does not want to stay in hotels for various reasons. Young children is the main one, but freedom is equally massive, as is privacy. This figure is only for the peak season and ignores out of season walkers and cyclists.

These tourists use local shops, local bars, eat out on numerous occasions and rent cars to spend money on site seeing. No, they do not spend money in hotels, so they must be all bad according to the new plan. Condo style hotels will take years to develop, that is dreamland, even if it ever happened, but renters would not want these either. Hotel business in Majorca increased profits by 8% apparently while small businesses crashed by over 15%. The profits disappeared off the island but the small bar owners are still here, only out of work. Can I remind the politicians who has the vote?

Not holiday home owners admittedly, but neither do the hoteliers. If this proceeds, I forecast tourist numbers will drop next year by one million. This assumes an increase in hotel bookings as forecasted. Sadly, because of the 80% of hotels with all inclusive deals, I forecast unemployment by October next year of over 25% on the island. I am all right Jack, but why on earth does anyone listen to these tourists ignoramuses? Beats me! Let owners rent their property short term, provided they pay tax. Make the rules clear. Nobody has actually paid the last fine, certainly in Calvia, so that is why the industry is so vast.

The tourist ministry has no idea about the scale of what they intend to ban. Someone please tell them before hundreds of more small businesses go bust!

Richard Taylor


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