MANY of us are very conscious of doing what we can for the environment, and thus for waste recycling.
We make an effort to separate our things and deposit them in the different containers put out for our use.
Imagine my disgust when this morning, just up the street from the Portals Nous roundabout, when I was held up by the Calvia 2000 General Rubbish collector truck (i.e. for the green containers).

I noticed that while the truck was lifting and dumping the green containers into its innards, two of the men were picking up piles of beautifully folded and tied cardboard boxes (someone had really gone to a lot of trouble) and threw them in with the general garbage.

I got out of my car and commented to the men that the whole point of the exercise was recycling, and was pooh-poohed away, with a “well, but doesn't that spot look better now?”.

No, I said. That spot is for recyclable stuff and this was very neatly put beside the correct container.
The only answer I got was “Ay, señora!” as they raced off to the next bins.
I think it is a disgrace that Calvia allows for this to happen.
It hardly seems worth the effort of separating things for recycling if the rubbish collectors put it all in the same bin! Shame on Calvia.
Helen Vanderpyl, Costa d'en Blanes


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