By Jason Moore

THINGS can only get better! This is the general consensus of opinion amongst a number of people I have talked to on the island over the last few days who are involved in tourism. The major reduction in flights from Britain to Majorca, the fall in value of sterling and the recession in Britain has meant that winter tourism this year is almost non-existant in resorts which are popular with British tourists. As a direct result there are fewer hotels and bars open. But what annoys me is that the local authorities appear to have thrown in the towel and are doing little to try and revive the industry.

Some councils are not even going to put up Christmas lights this year! This is a scandalous state of affairs. I get the impression at the moment that the tourist industry appears to have been thrown into the lion´s den and no-one is doing anything to help. There are many things which could be done from extended shop open hours, to golf competitions and even food and wine tours. But the island has just shut up shop blaming the recession. It is a sad state of affairs but unless attitudes start to change I can see Majorca having some major problems in the future. I know it is winter but a bit of effort and imagination can go a long way.


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