By Jason Moore

I am sorry to keep on moaning about this subject but I found it rather scandalous that a sizeable number of restaurants were closed for the two bank holidays earlier this week. On Monday I did a grand tour of Palma in search of a restaurant which was open; in the end I ended up in a place which prides itself on always being open. Interestingly enough it was packed and it is a large restaurant where a meal costs 30 euros a head! I have spoken to plenty of restaurant owners who complain that this year staff Christmas parties have been cut-back and everyone wants budget meals.

Yes, I appreciate that things are hard but surely now is the time to open more than ever. All restaurants were open on Wednesday when everyone returned to work and interestingly enough again, they were empty. There are bargains about these days and even some of the top restaurants in the city centre are doing a week-day menu of the day for 12 euros, which is good news. But when are business owners going to learn that unless you are open you don´t stand a chance of making a profit. Now is the time to open all hours and forget the outmoded opening times. This is going to be a long hard winter and if restaurants want to remain in business they need to be flexible.


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