Dear Sir,

THE issue of UK disabled people now living in Spain wanting UK disability benefits is a complex one. It would seem grossly unfair to Spanish disabled that they generally get nothing, whereas disabled of UK origin get anything up to 700 pounds per month.

The problem is the European benefits system is so diverse by Country, it needs to be rationalised now – disabled people of ALL nationalities living in Spain need to paid for by the Spanish government.

The value of the euro is greatly different from Spain to that of Poland or Romania, so one tariff of benefits is unworkable. This is accepted as the European minimum wage varies greatly by Country. Problems with the over-generous UK benefits system have been highlighted by the Poles working in the UK who found they can claim child benefits for children they have in Poland, paid at UK rates! With 20 pounds for the first child and so on, for a large family, this can amount to an average monthly wage in a Country like Poland. If disability benefits follow the same route, it would open the door for any European disabled person going to the UK for a while, claim disability benefit, then return to their own Country still claiming a huge sum to them would not just be a meal ticket for life – it would be like winning the lottery! Mark Masters



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