By Jason Moore
THE President of the Council of Majorca, Francina Amengol, has written to four British residents who raised the Majorcan flag on a visit to Mount Everest earlier this year. It appears that the President read about the four in the Bulletin. She was so impressed that they had even bothered to take the flag with them that she decided to write at once to offer her congratulations. I think this is a rather lovely story and clearly underlines how much the British community love Majorca and for once how their efforts are appreciated by the local authorities. I also think it is great news that the President of the Council of Majorca reads the Bulletin! But it is true that the majority of British expatriates care for this island as much as those who were actually born here. For many years the British news section on this newspaper had the banner “home news.” For a sizeable number of expatriates “home” was their country of origin. Thankfully, I no longer think this is the case and as a direct result our Balearic news section is now called “Home News.” The British community on this island is continuing to grow and gets bigger by the day. For a large number of expatriates it has become home-from-home.

AND continuing with this European trend how can anyone accuse Britain of being anti-European (as most of the Spanish newspapers were saying yesterday following Brown's late arrival for the treaty signing). Afterall, we are one of the few European countries who has appointed a fellow European to manage our national football team. You can´t get more European than that, can you!


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