Dear Sir,
HEAT waves, hurricanes, floods...should be a wake-up call for all of us. Whatever the agreement which has been reached in Montreal, it will do nothing to clean up the planet if we, the rich world, continue with our present way of life. In my opinion, the fight against global warming means to use our cars as little as possible and to travel minimally by aircraft. It also means that all homes, round the globe, should be installed with an environmentally-friendly heating system; that our coastlines should no longer be eaten up with hotels and housing estates; and that no more hideous motorways should be built to promote the use of the car. In short, we radically need to re-think the future. What would happen, for example, if the countries which face restrictions on CO emissions could buy so-called “Assigned Amount Units” of greenhouse gases? In other words, to buy rights to pollute. All is possible in this world. I don't think that the Montreal Treaty is aimed at decreasing timber, concrete, car, aircraft, mobile phone or computer sales. It is only through a joint commitment amongst individuals on a global scale which will stand in the way of profit-hungry companies continuing with their relentless act of destroying our environment and polluting the atmosphere.
Miquel Estelrich, Cala Rajada
Dear Sir,
JUST to say thank you for the pantomime tickets and meal I won in your recent competition. Aladdin was great fun and the meal at the Bahia Mediterraneo restaurant was absolutely delicious.
Once again, many thanks.
Beryl Dales, by e-mail.


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