By Jason Moore

WHY is it that England can produce a cricket team which can beat the Australians in their own back-yard, a rugby union league who can play and beat the best in the world but when it comes to the national game, soccer, the national team is little more than a disgrace?

Now, it can be argued that there are no training academies in Britain and English players are not taught to play like their continental counterparts but surely a country with a population of 45 million should be able to produce 11 class players? The only major sport these days which disappoints England fans is football. So what is the problem? Some say that England players, play better for their club than for their country and judging by the last World Cup campaign they are right. But the failures of the England football team will mean that fewer fans will watch the national team.

In some ways I would prefer to stay up all night and watch the England cricketers play Australia because you know that it will be a good contest. What is the point in watching England play football when you know that after 90 minutes you will be disappointed. I watched England play France in a friendly at Wembley and unfortunately the home side were out-played. The Football Association should start taking this into account because otherwise I can see more fans abandoning football in favour of cricket and rugby. Unless progress is made soon the three lions could find themselves very much isolated by their supporters.


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