By Jason Moore

THE British media, by and large, congratulated Prime Minuster David Cameron yesterday for refusing to sign the new European Treaty. The Spanish media said that Britain was isolated and Europe was moving ahead without them. I was asked many times yesterday by Spanish colleagues why Britain didn't want to be in Europe. The simple answer is that the British government wants to be in Europe but the majority of the British people don't.

The European Union gets awful press in Britain. “Secret German plot to take over Europe” “French scheme to take over Britain” are just some of the headlines I have read in British newspapers over recent weeks. The perception in Britain is that Europe just wants Britain's money and Britain gets little in return. Britain and Europe have reached a watershed. The time has come for Britain to hold a referendum on membership of the European Union. It will allow all to have their say. If the answer is Yes, then Britain must move ahead, if it is No, well who knows!


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