Dear Sir,

How depressing was the message from Andrew Ede in his blog, but holiday let owners must NOT take his advice “don't waste your breath”! He clearly proved that the Tourist Board is dominated by the hotel self-interest groups, but to say no one who matters will ever listen to counter arguments is crass.

It is a draft for goodness sake, and to keep silent until it is an Act is ludicrous. We have a new government who have stated their wish to solve the economic woes of Spain, including Majorca.

Surely, any new legislation on their watch that will have the opposite effect to what is needed is indefensible, politically, particularly in the short term. Everybody get onto their politicians, remind them of their promises before the election, and tell them to kick this self interest Quango from the last administration into the long grass.

If approved, this Act will destroy small businesses on a vast scale, and encourage those tourists who will only go self-catering to other parts of Europe and North Africa.

A recent independent survey stated that 50% of hotels in Spain are not going to invest any money to make their hotels more exciting or attractive.
That is the exciting imaginative sector these civil servants want to protect! There is a new Group who intend to take this matter to Brussels, if it becomes law, and they are organizing funding currently.

Change the Draft to encourage tourism and let people let on condition they pay tax on any rents. Now that really will boost the economy and create real private sector jobs! Politicians make law, not self-interest groups.

I challenge the Partido Popular to prove their actions are louder than their rhetoric before the election.
Throw out restrictions on short term holiday lettings altogether! Let us see if Andrew is right!

Richard Taylor


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