Climate Change
VERY well stated! I refer to the letter about the climate changes, in the Saturday's Bulletin, from Mike Lillico. He puts the whole discussion and facts in a very clear “nutshell”.

Too right, all through the History and Geology of the planet , there have always been ice ages and desert zones wet lands, even when there had not yet been an industrial revolution. Ancient peoples of all centuries lived through climatic and geographic movements , all of them lasting more than anyone's lifetime, in times when there was almost no pollution (perhaps the odd bone tossed onto the land , or fish gut in to the seas) The strata's in rocks and terrain over the whole world prove, that our experiences are exactly that what has passed before, and that during a normal lifetime we are able to experience just a minute “snapshot” of this evolution.

Coincidentally, I too have a friend, an ex- Scottish mining engineer from Fife , who has said exactly what Mr. Lillico has, and I do agree that we must do our best to avoid unnecessary environmental damage, but at the same time that both politicians and multi national companies , such as airlines and governments are using the pollution factor as an excuse to generate taxes. I feel very “defrauded when I see a “click on this extra payment “ button in the middle of buying airline tickets , to assist with environmental pollution”! I would like to know who voluntarily contributes to this “tax”, and where and how this contribution is used by those captains of industry?

Well done Mr Lillico, for a clear and understandable explanation , to something which is as old as the planet itself, and not a new Horror inducing phenomena.

Mrs, Yvonne Cotton, Palmanova


MY apartment block is on the corner Paseo Maritimo - S'aigo Dolca. The front door of the house is in S'aigo Dolca. Not only is the noise caused by the botellones indescribable - lasting till after 6am, but whilst the rubbish is cleaned on the Paseo Maritimo in the mornings after, our house entrance is filthy.

People use our flowerbeds to be sick on, as a W.C., and a rubbish dump for bottles and no one from the council cleans this up. This way Friday nights rubbish stays till Monday morning, when our long suffering porter cleans up the disgusting mess. Can anyone explain, why we as council taxpayers have to put up with this- for the sole purpose of allowing the drunk excesses of youngsters.

L. Reitkinger


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