THE Balearic Minister for Transport and Environment is at it again. Just a week ago he was wanting to increase the national debt by extending the Metro which is a white elephant, losing money, and only used by 10% of that predicted by the Transport's management gurus.

Now Gabriel Vicens wants the local government to take some control of Palma Airport (Daily B December 11) bringing their well known expertise to

stop air traffic controllers wildcat strikes

become more competitive

adjust (lower?) landing fees

adjust operating (lower?) operating fees

boost traffic

achieve year round tourism (a perennial bloomer here)

attract new airlines

open new routes
Back in October 2007 two politicians Sr Hidalgo of the Partido Popular and Sr Nadal of the Union Mallorquin were also pushing for a takeover of the airport. Surprisingly Sr. Nadal produced an almost identical but slightly longer list adding

better quality of life

transparency of management
I'm sure it was an oversight not to have added

eliminate global warming

stop domestic violence

end the slaughter of blue tuna
I understand that Sr Hidalgo is in prison and Sr Nadal under investigation both over corruption.
Let's hope Sr. Vicens isn't heading in the same direction that so many of our local politicians have. God protect our airport from the crooks & their miss management that brought us such transport mayhem as excavating the Soller Tunnel, constructing the Sub Aqua Scuba Diving Centre in Palma (aka METRO), the Velodrome, the shelved Palma, Airport, Arenal tramway and just this month the oversight of the Son Espases Hospital bridge..

Mike Lillico

Playa de Palma


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