Dear Sir, I have been reading the ongoing saga of holiday rentals with interest. I totally disagree with Sally Schofield (Sunday 11th Dec).
I personally cannot wait until holiday rentals are stopped.
I have a apartment which up until now I have used for long term holidays. I have never let it out, and have never wanted to. It is my second home, and I want to return to find it the same way as it was left.

My gripe with rentals, is that I have them as my neighbours, and for six months in the summer I get no sleep. They party all night, and sleep all day. I have been to the police, spoken with the owner, but nothing changes. My next move is to report the owners to the authorities for not paying tax. Every year we have to put up with several apartments being used as holiday lets, and it is driving us mad.

The owners only seem interested in one thing, and that is how much money they can make.
I will not let these people drive me away from the home and island that I love. I totally support any move to have rentals stopped.
Name withheld

l Dear Sir, I think its high time we holiday home owners got together to fight for our rights. Private rentals were banned in Portugal and the home owners got together to fight for their right to rent out and won!! Its no use sitting down and being dictated to by a system controlled by wealthy hoteliers. We must act and start lobbying our MEP's Many properties are sold on the island with the incentive of a rental income by unscrupulous estate agents.

How is it possible that a ban can be implemented, we are all Europeans. I could rent out a property in all the other European countries so how can the Spanish get away with this. We must get together and fight this .

Name withheld l Dear Sir, We are pounds lighter is the European headline. UK should never have joined the EEC. They aren't made for sharing.
Lisa Simpson

Dear Sir, Ray Fleming in his article headed “Deluded leaders”, overlooks the fact that the PM did exactly what the Britons who live in Britain wanted.
Nicholas Carter


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