Dear Sir,
l IT was interesting to read in yesterday's Bulletin that the authorities are finally waking up to the dangers and detriments of “all-inclusive” tourism for the island, and plan to investigate this. Not before time, as despite their claims that “all-inclusive” has “topped out”, the word in Alcudia is that the Belvue complex is planning to put 4'000 beds/places into the “all-inclusive” type opertaion for 2006. This will be another heavy blow to small businesses in that area. Four thousand beds is the rough equivalent of 10 hotels. “Package holidays” by comparison, are the acceptable “bread and butter” of the tourist trade, and we have all used them, they are after all only an agent organising flight, accommodation and transport, something first started by Thomas Cook 150 years ago, only at that time they were referred to as “organised tours”, designed to “improve and enhance” someone's knowledge and experience through travel abroad.
Graham Phillips, Palma de Mallorca
Dear Sir,
l AS we brought the first HYBRID car to Majorca back in 2001 (maybe you could dig out that old photo with a Soller tram), we know how to drive efficiently. Majorcans still drive much too fast. Fuel consumption increases exponentially with increase in speed. We just drive slower. We breathe on that gas pedal and don't brake hard either. We just glide along in a higher gear. It's far less stressing for our passengers and other road users too. Don't buy a DIESEL. Whilst allegedly emitting less CO2, they still produce carcenogens, particulates, filth, smell and noise. Own a smooth HYBRID, and enjoy your motoring once again. There is at least one now registered in the island. Ask the driver about it. Now over 60'000 miles, our own does plus-or-minus 60mpg (overall) and has been totally reliable. My wife and I shall be back in the Island for Christmas (our fourth visit this year) and I fear we shall not notice any improvement in your “efficiency” on the road.
Take life a shade more gently and relax!
Richard Harding, Oxford


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