Dear Sir,

WHILST any and every additional number of tourists who come to Majorca is welcome, the front page news of direct flights from the City of London airport will not mean volume of visitors, but rather quality, ie: “by spenders,” as the large aircraft cannot use that location. So, good news for 5 star hotels, golf, good restaurants, boutiques/shops, etc, and even more reason for shops/stores to be allowed to open whenever they wish.

Maybe Mr Editor, knowing you are a strong advocate of stores being open at weekends, can use the “power of the press” to get the message across to the new Minister of Tourism, Sr Ferrrer, that there is no point in bringing in top tourists for weekends, if they cannot spend their money! Also the airline will only continue this new service if the public use it.

Also on the same page, was reference to the British Airways proposed strike over Christmas and the New Year, with a union leader saying that it was with a “heavy heart” the decision would disrupt the travel plans of thousands. This must be the most hypocritical remark of the decade, as a strike at any time will cause major disruption to an airline, loss of earnings etc, but to strike over the busiest holiday period of the year, shows a very nasty streak, bordering on vicious and if redundancies and cut backs are forced on the personnel due to the airline getting into even more difficulties, then I for one will have no sympathy whatsoever for cabin crew, who when compared to other airlines, ie: Virgin, who (BA) earn double the salary and have 10% - 20% more attendants on a similar flights/plane. They should remember there are a lot of unemployed out there who could easily do the job, which is only a glorified waiter/waitress position.

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips


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