By Jason Moore

WANTED. A new leader of the opposition in Britain who is capable of bringing a coalition government which is deeply split, to task. Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, failed once again to put Prime Minister David Cameron under pressure over his veto of the new European Union Treaty. It was a miserable performance in parliament on Monday by Miliband, who was unable to answer a simple question; would he have signed the treaty which Cameron rejected? Miliband spoke of the need to negotiate with Britain´s European partners but it was quite evident that they were not listening to Britain´s demands for a safeguard for the financial services industry. Cameron is now basking in a poll lead over Labour at a time when the British economy is facing a second recession. Labour should be many points ahead in the opinion polls, and they are not simple because they have the wrong leader..

I would urge the Labour Party to ditch Miliband sooner rather than later because otherwise they risk being in opposition for many years to come. I think Britain also deserves better. There are many who believe that what Cameron did was bad for Britain and Europe as a whole. Cameron has allegedly become the laughing stock of Europe but still Miliband is unable to put the Prime Minister under pressure. What Britain needs is a first rate opposition especially when important decisions on Europe are being debated.


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