By Jason Moore
IF I had a euro for every building freeze the local authorities had introduced I would be a very wealthy man! Yet again the Balearic government has approved tough new legislation which aims to stop building in areas of natural interest and by the coast; what again I hear you say. But already there is controversy with the opposition saying that the new law doesn´t go far enough; yes, we have all heard it all before. However, I think the problem of excess building on the island has reached such a high degree that probably this new law is too little too late. For too long builders and developers have been allowed to construct along the Balearic coastline and there are some areas that are an utter disgrace. There is little left to do but hope that the local authorities will realise that unless something is done and quick there will be little left of this beautiful island. In the long run this could even dent its future prosperity. So for once I think the time has come for this issue to be taken exceptionally seriously. It is an issue which deserves all party support otherwise there will just be problems on the island. For once I believe that local politicians should work together and ensure that we have a proper environmental law which safeguards the remaining green areas and the coastline.

I hear the local authorities want to crackdown on sudden price rises. The cost of a bottle of milk has increased dramatically over recent weeks. Unfortunately, it is a state of affair like the building ban which we have all see before. Once again it is a question of too little too late.


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