By Jason Moore
I was quite amazed to read the other day that the Balearics has a promotion budget of just 30 million euros for next year. Surely, the local authorities understand that now is the time to start promoting the islands in every corner of the world because, as we already know, next season is going to be tough. Why is it that every other major Spanish holiday province advertises heavily in the British media and the Balearics doesn't? All across London there are billboards for Andalucia but nothing for the Balearics. Why? I sincerely hope that the local authorities do not believe that they don't need to advertise because the British will always come to the Balearics. This is not the case at all especially as the islands are now facing very stiff competition from resorts in the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa. For the next couple of years I suspect that British holidaymakers will be watching their holiday pennies very carefully. Now, is the time for a major promotion drive in Britain and Germany underlining the fact that the Balearics is worth the extra cost because it is a beautiful place with far more to offer tourists than cheaper destinations. With such a limited budget the local authorities have to spend their money carefully and hope that more cash will be forthcoming.


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