By Jason Moore

THE British government has often gone on the record as saying that British troops in Afghanistan have enough helicopters. Infact, Prime Minister Brown has said that soldiers in Afghanistan have all the kit they need and want. Families of British soldiers who have been killed in Afghanistan have always said that there was not enough helicopters especially for casualty evacuation, an allegation which has often been denied. But now the British government has boldy announced that it will be buying twenty new helicopters for service in Afghanistan.

This was the same government which said that there was plenty of available aircraft. This has got to be a major backtrack by the British government but in some ways I am pleased because at least British troops will be getting what they really need. Overall, I was quite impressed with the mini-defence spending review which at last gives troops on the frontline what they actually need. It is such a shame that these helicopters were not ordered a few years ago because the move may well have saved the lives of British troops. Perhaps, the government will now admit that it was wrong and that there was a shortage of helicopters. Don´t hold your breath!


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