By Jason Moore
A week ago, it appeared that Britain was isolated within the European Union after Prime Minister David Cameron said no to the new European Union treaty. It was Europe 26 and Britain 1. But a week is a long time in European politics. Now, it appers that the Swedish Parliament will not support the new Treaty, the Czechs and Hungary now appear to be ready to jump ship and the Irish want a referendum. So slowly Britain does not appear to be so isolated. What astonishes me is the speed in which all the 26 signed the treaty especially as some must have suspected that their national parliaments would never approve the new piece of legislation.

It was a united front (without Britain) which lasted seven days and now it looks as if it could end in tears. The financial markets have so far not reacted too well to the Treaty change and the euro continues to fall, even against pound sterling. The markets are not convinced. Last week Cameron was isolated, this week he has seen the popularity of his party rise by seven points, he has been cheered by his MPs, sterling has rebounded, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has tried to mend bridges and now it appears that Britain will not be isolated after all. Last week it may have been Europe 26 Britain 1, but I would say that Cameron has increased his goal tally quite nicely over recent days. The Prime Minister stood firm, Europe took note and now it appears that some are willing to join him.


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