Dear Sir,
Further to my previous letters. Perhaps your correspondent JAY D’ARCY would care to consider the following concepts based on the present golf, cycling, sun, and food categories.
1) GOLF. There was an attraction to travel to the island in the Winter, to play its excellent courses. That has now stopped, because of Cost; Lack of Flights; No Hotels Open; No Bars/Restaurants open. What few flights there are, are FULL of people travelling to and from UK because of leaving the island; visiting or returning to UK; Xmas visits and shopping (Palma Shops still closing!!!); Residents’ children returning to, and from, the UK- for Xmas Holidays. There is no capacity for golf parties, and no economical costs to travel and stay on the island.
However, IF and it is another attraction idea. The island introduced a golf  competition ( Like the Ryder Cup) to be played in Majorca during the cooler Winter period. It would attract thousands. Hotels, flights, bars etc would open again. Even Palma’s shops MAY open their shutters, even in the cooler afternoons, and on Sundays, especially when cruise ships arrive!!!
This very special golf competition could attract the top golfers in Europe-- if not from the world. With a large financially sponsored prize for the winner. Local business sponsors could be used too)
2) CYCLING. How these cycling clubs have frightened me to death (Nearly!). When driving up the Tramuntana mountains. They come hurtling down, on the wrong side of the road!!!. Their speeds are phenomenal, and very dangerous. However, Majorca could host a “Tour de Mallorca”. Based on the same competition rules of ‘The Tour De France’. To be seen in Yorkshire (UK ) very soon. The Tour de Mallorca could be staged in sections ALL over the island. Their numerous sponsors, helping to finance the races. Especially advertising, from local business sponsors. 3) SUN. This is variable in the Winter. There can be many warm, almost hot periods throughout the Winter months. But, because the night temperatures are usually low. This puts a damper on this attraction; and why tourists wanting sun tans, do not come to Majorca. I did wonder if tanning facilities could be introduced, in the Centre-Parks Domes? Or could special hotels be created, or converted, with extensive tanning and health /gym facilities? There have been freak snow falls in Palma, and always on top of  the Tramuntana.
4). FOOD. The UK television programming are obsessed with “ Food” type programmes. Again, perhaps food competitions could be organised, throughout the islands hotels. Culminating in local TV broadcasting, and a grand final in Palma. Who does The Best “Menu Del Dia”? Majorcan foods and cuisine could be promoted. Along with their excellent virgin olive oils. Why don’t Majorca export their delicious sweet oranges. Perhaps an orange and lemon festival and food competition. Almonds were the main product of Majorca. Again more food competitions to create almond based foods, bringing the top chefs from europe, nay the world.
Yours faithfully
Mr. F.S.Jessop
 Grantham, Lincs.


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