WHEN I first moved to the island if you asked any British expatriate would you consider moving back to Britain, they would ask you if you had taken too much sun or drank too much vino!  In those day the majority of expatriates moved to the island and stayed here. “I would never go back to Britain,” was the standard expatriate phrase. But these  days and especially at Christmas, expats can´t get off the island quick enough, or so appears. And Majorca has certainly changed. You can get every British food item you want and ofcourse the joys of satellite television mean that you don´t miss anything. So is Majorca losing its mass appeal? No, not really but during the Winter the coastal areas do become ghost towns and they are sadly lacking in Christmas spirit. And this is the problem. The good old days of packed bars in Magalluf and Alcudia and hotels open, are long gone. To find some real Christmas spirit and festive fun you have to head to Palma, but Palma is not Palmanova and the Christmas celebrations have a rather Spanish feel. As an expatriate who has lived on Majorca for the last 35 years I don´t think there is a better place to live in the world. To be honest Icouldn´t move back to Britain  for a number of reasons ranging from the climate to the way of life. I do miss some things about Britain (such as a pork pie) but little else.  Home is Majorca, it may have its faults but remember we’ll be smiling again when the sun appears again!


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