FORall those who conitinue to moan that Majorca is lacking in Christmas spirit we should remember that the Three Kings still reign in Spain. Father Christmas was gaining in popularity but it appears that thanks to the recession and the fact that families have been forced to cut back the Kings have returned. At one stage children were  getting two sets of presents on Christmas Day and then for the Three Kings. It appears that Santa has been cutback and as a direct result it will be the Kings which will be celebrated in style. Christmas will always take second place to the Three Kings. While Ido agree that some areas of the island are sadly lacking in Christmas feeling it must be remembered that for the Three Kings it will be a different story. The parades on January 5 will be watched by thousands of people across the island. The only low point ofcourse is that most children return to school on January 7. But we must remember that Santa still does not have a starring role in Spain.


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