By Jason Moore
WHAT is wrong with Balearics politicians? Do they want to form their own navy or what? First we had the Calvia council who wanted a frigate and now Soller wants a submarine! What next, the Palma city council will want an aircraft carrier! The Calvia project, which involved sinking a frigate off the Malgrats Islands and transforming it into an artificial reef for divers was not a bad idea. The project was scuppered because the Spanish Navy refused to hand over the frigate free-of-charge and now the Calvia council are facing the prospect of having to buy it at auction. The Soller council want their submarine so that it can be opened to the public and it will be the centre-piece of the new marina project. Instead of island councils buying warships wouldn't it be a better idea if a nautical museum was established to celebrate the islands' long maritime history. It is ridiculous that the Balearic Islands, which have had a nautical history for almost 1'000 years if not longer does not have a museum of this type. It would be far more interesting than a submarine and probably attract far more visitors than the sunken frigate. I do believe in being bold but I do think that the local councils are getting slightly carried away. The costs will also be high as the Calvia council has recently discovered. Buying a second-hand frigate or destroyer will not come cheap and pay for its upkeep will be even higher.


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