By Jason Moore

ONE of the reasons given for the lack of a winter tourism programme to Majorca is the weather. According to the people who know about these things, it is not warm enough during the winter to attract tourists to the island. Well, all this week we have enjoyed almost spring-like weather and it has gone down on record as being one of the hottest years ever. While northern Europe shivers, we enjoy many hours of sunshine. Too cold for tourists, I don´t thing so. I am sure that many Germans and British holidaymakers would be busy unpacking their shorts if they encountered weather like we have seen this week.

I haven´t heard a single excuse so far this year to explain why Majorca can´t be an all year round tourist destination. We have the weather, we have the hotels and we have the resorts. So why does this island become a ghost town during the winter months? I would say that it is probably as a result of the cosy relationship which exists between hoteliers and the government. They prefer to close down rather than stay open during the winter when occupancy levels are going to be low. I wish everyone would just make an effort. Get the hotels open and the bars, restaurants and shops will follow. If the tour operators see that an effort is being made then they will re-introduce a winter programme. It is as simple as that. Is anyone listening? The local authorities need to act. A golden opportunity is sadly being missed.


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