SO Christmas is here and another year is drawing to a close. This will be the 35th Christmas Ihave celebrated on Majorca and Ican still remember the first time I saw the Christmas lights and the Three Kings in Palma as a five year old boy. It was a magical occasion and one I treasure to this day. Christmas is a time for family and I am thoroughly looking forward to spending the 25th with my family and of course my baby daughter who is now one going on seventeen! It will be a day of Peppa Pig on the television and ofcourse turkey and all the trimmings. I will have to explain the joys of sprouts to my Majorcan mother-in-law and try and persuade all that eventhough it is turkey and all the trimmings are about as British as Winston Churchill, it has all been cooked with local ingredients and is therefore quite international! But that is the lovely thing about Christmas abroad you can have the best of both worlds and hopefully even the weather will stay fine.There has been some criticism this year about a lack of Christmas spirit on the island but I think you can blame this state of affairs on the  economic recession. Hopefully, we will be saying goodbye to the economic recession next year because  the Spanish economy is on the mend. As a Christmas present I would ask for more Winter tourists and more action on this front by the  local authorities. But I am not holding my breath!  So on that note I would like to wish all a very happy Christmas.


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