By Jason Moore

BRITISH national newspapers have been full of claims that the British government is preparing evacuation plans for British residents in Spain and Portugal if the euro collapses. The report was dismissed as “complete rubbish” by one Foreign Office source consulted by the Bulletin yesterday. If you read the story it is almost laughable and could easily be a silly season joke. The Royal Navy would be used to transport thousands of British expatriates back to Britain in scenes reminiscent of the evacuation of Dunkirk.

“Calling all boat owners, be ready to move if the euro collapses, you might have to take stranded Brits back to Blighty.” To say the reports are alarmist is an understatement. To quote one report yesterday: “the drastic proposals (the evacuation) emerged as a former Security Minister warned expats could be left stranded and destitute by the single currencty.” It is like a line from Dad´s Army! We are living in very difficult times and everyone is worried about their financial future. The last thing the general public wants to read are highly alarmist and untrue reports such as those published over the weekend and yesterday. We know that the euro has its problems but so does the dollar and pound sterling. At a time when Europe is not too impressed with Britain over its veto of the European Treaty a story like this will only add salt into the open European wound. Thankfully, no-one in Spain has taken it seriously so far!


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