Dear Sir,
IN yesterday's Bulletin, you report further on the destruction which is about to take place at the harbour of the Port of Soller. You state that the “port improvement project” work to be carried out will cost 7.4 million euros, but will the locality benefit by anything like that amount? Will the people of the Port of Soller be able to enjoy the new buildings which are obviously going to be erected in the old naval base and will they be using the 150 extra moorings ? No, of course they won't !! The developers and construction companies will no doubt benefit considerably and it has to be admitted that the extra people who come to live in the new buildings and use the extra moorings will bring in more tourist euros but 7.4 million ? I don't think so, unless we are talking long, long term and who will want to come to a port which is no longer pretty but scarred with modern, slabby buildings ? I believe the motives behind these works are purely financial and I don't think for one moment that they are being carried out to benefit the local people or the regular visitors to this lovely bay.
Barry Emmott, Middlesex.
Dear Sir,
FOR Mr. Tunnell's (letters to the Editor, Daily Bulletin 21st Dec.) information, the felony of treason was established by statute in 1848 which specified, “Desiring to depose the sovereign, intimidate parliament, stir up a foreign invasion”.

I am pro-monarchy; pro-parliament and left the UK some years back because I could see the relentless “foreign invasion” which now sees the UK in such a mess. As regards racism I suggest Mr. Tunnell takes himself from cloud Cas Catala land and spends some time living near an immigrant ghetto of a UK city to get a better view. Further, he believes in a “United Europe”. No doubt he'll be leaving some milk and cake for Father Christmas too. Ho, Ho, Ho! John Rule, Sol de Majorca


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