By Jason Moore
AS Tony Blair prepares to celebrate one of his last festive seasons in Downing Street he can look back on how he has changed Britain and broken through the barriers and made it a modern state, with modern ideas and the final end of the class system. He will open his Christmas card from Conservative leader David Cameron, who shares his vision of a modern Britain, and contemplate how Britain has changed. No elitism at all. He will ponder how old Etonian Cameron will cope in the coming year and also look ahead to when old Etonian Prince William becomes King and see how old Etonian Peter Osbourne will stand-up to his dear friend Gordon Brown. He will probably hope that old Etonian Prince Harry will stay out of the public limelight. He will also reflect on how Cameron pulled off a small coup by recruiting the environmentalist Zac Goldsmith, who also is an old Etonian. What a year it's been with London winning the Olympics and being surrounded by top Olympians including that rower, Matthew Pinsent, who interestingly enough went to the same school as Cameron, Prince Harry and William, Peter Osbourne and Goldsmith. Nice to see that over Christmas there are going to be plenty of repeats of Blackadder starring that guy Hugh Laurie and also Have I Got News for you with Boris Johnson, who were both at the same school as all of the above. Also, Blair's beloved Newcastle really pulled off a good result against Arsenal, whose chairman, also went to that school beginning with E. Amazing how Britain has changed. The old elite are playing no part at all!


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