Dear Sir,
It is all very well for Mr Fleming to condemn the interception of global digital communications by national authorities and their intelligence services (Viewpoint 21.12.13), and I applaud his altruistic concerns. But has he not considered that the same communications can be intercepted by any organisation (political or criminal) with an elementary knowledge of information technology?
How can one legislate against the interception of information which is available to anyone who knows how to access whatever others care to place on the internet or mobile telephone networks?
Haven’t we all been told to be careful about using bank details, codes and passwords on the internet?
There are criminals “surfing the net” whose sole intention is to part us from our hard-earned cash.
If anyone is silly enough to communicate their plans for criminal or terrorist activities via the internet or mobile phones, surely they deserve to be intercepted?  The rest of us who are totally innocent should have no cause for concern about any such surveillance.
Best regards,
Marcia Atkins

Dear Sir,
Today when I was walking down the Borne, a group of teenagers finished their food and left. There were 2 bins within reach. Where’s their respect for their home town!
Lynn Johnson


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