By Jason Moore
I once thought that the privatisation of former state monopolies, especially in the transport sector in Britain, would lead to better service for passengers and the end of the so-called union baron, who at the drop of a hat would call all members out on strike. But looking at the state of transport in Britain at the moment, I have come to the conclusion that privatisation was a big mistake; if British airports were still government-owned then at least all the passengers stranded at Heathrow airport would have some-one to blame! The fact that fog appears to have grounded Britain over Christmas is bad enough but now the privately owned railways have voted themselves one of the longest Christmas holidays in their sector in Europe. So if anyone wants to go anywhere at Christmas in Britain, best go by road...but of course they are gridlocked. It was far easier, and in some cases, quicker to travel in Britain 100 years ago when the railways believed in public service. There are ways to deal with fog; during the Battle of Britain 66 years ago the RAF managed to keep fog at bay and kept the airfields open and the planes flying, using a whole range of novel inventions. So Gordon Brown when and if you take power, re-nationalise the airports and the railways and please start investing some money in them. It is a shameful situation.


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