By Jason Moore
I had a small celebration yesterday because I have now worked on this newspaper for 22 years. Quite a milestone for me but just a drop in the ocean for the Bulletin which will soon be celebrating its half a century! I think this has been one of the most difficult years I can remember in Majorca and it has appeared that little has gone right for the island. The British community appears to be getting smaller as some return to Britain because of the drop in the value of sterling and the lack of employment opportunities. But over my 22 years on this newspaper I have seen recessions before, the first Gulf war of 1991 was particularly hard for Majorca. The real Bulletin old-hands (I am still described as one of the new hands!) remember the oil crisis of the 1970s. Majorca has learnt from these difficult hard times and I believe that when the island finally emerges from this recession it will be a better and stronger place. I have no doubt that British tourists will return in record numbers, I have no doubt that the property market will recover and I have no doubt that the good times will return. The reason why I am so convinced is that we have all seen it all before, good times and bad times. This is an exceptionally bad time but sooner or later it will end. But one thing for sure we are exceptionally lucky to live on this island. Happy Christmas.


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